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When you put your home up for sale, the most important question you have to ask is “how much is my home worth?” The agent you choose must have first-hand knowledge and experience in the local real estate market! The simple truth is that your home’s true value can’t be determined by a simple formula.

Getting a reliable home value requires a real understanding of the real estate markets and working with home buyers and home sellers in the region on a daily basis! Monom’s real estate experts understand the ins and outs of the variables that truly impact a home’s value such as the location and quality of schools, transportation, and even the value of improvements done to the homes in the neighborhood.

We understand that many of your future plans depend on the price you get for your home. For some of you, the value of your home is what you were counting on to finance your retirement. For others, it’s a springboard to a new life in another home elsewhere. We understand that these big decisions require a knowledgeable and personal touch and at Monom we pride ourselves on our ability to determine the fair value of your home. For a free estimate of your home value, please fill out the form below or call one of our Realtors at 201.666.6666

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